Horse Racing Betting – Characteristics of Horse Racing

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Horse racing is a popular sport in European countries and is not popular in Southeast Asian countries. However, there are still some BET players who are interested in horse racing and are addicted to betting on this sport. And horse racing betting is gradually becoming popular, because of its own appeal. Let’s learn about this new sport with 55BMW.

Features of horse racing betting

Features of horse racing betting
Features of horse racing betting

Without understanding all the nuances of the race, it is difficult to succeed in long races. In our case, it is worth emphasizing the following points:

  • This is not a team sport, but it is not an individual sport either. In the classical sense: here the athlete (rider) competes together with the horse. The final result of the performance depends on the qualities of both representatives of the pair, paying more attention to the qualities of the animal.
  • The tournament grid and the rating are very similar to tennis, there are enough low-ranked tournaments, medium tournaments and top tournaments (equivalent to the Grand Slam in tennis).
  • There are two main types of horse racing: “normal” and “hurdles”
  • The racetracks where the competitions take place have their own characteristics: harp turns, rapid rushes before the finish line, significant differences in length.
  • The sport is most popular in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Popular types of horse racing betting

The betting options are not the widest. The bookmaker offers bets on the following options:

  • Winner
  • The position in which a particular participant will finish
  • Prize pair: which horse will finish first, which horse will finish second,
    third place.
  • Which horse will be higher at the end of the race than the proposed pair of opponents
  • Whether the specified horse will finish.
  • Against the win
  • Long-term options.

Features and nuances of horse racing betting

Features and nuances of horse racing betting
Features and nuances of horse racing betting

We cannot outline all the points of horse racing betting analysis in one article. But it is necessary to highlight some of the most important ones. Let’s take a look.

Horse racing map

Without learning how to read a horse racing map correctly, it is better not to start betting real money on this sport. There is a treasure trove of useful information hidden here.

In addition, each horse has a load, more for the favorites, less for the outsiders. This is done to balance the chances of winning. Sometimes too much weight will be placed on the leader and betting on his victory is too risky; in such a situation, when making a forecast, it is necessary to pay attention to the underrated strong middle-classes, which are not yet burdened.


The personality of the trainer should always be paid more attention, which many bettors do not do. If the designated expert has consistently good results, then the horse he shows is worth paying attention to.

We see that warm weather and rain are expected. When competitions are held on clay, the favorites can perform poorly in the rain, where their main quality is usually speed rather than endurance.

Additional analysis points

Additional analysis points
Additional analysis points

After studying horse racing betting. We have some important points to review.

Characteristics of the track
What type of surface: dirt, grass, artificial. There are universal horses that do well on all surfaces; many do well on artificial turf, but are much worse on grass.

Horse characteristics
There are two important components that come to the fore here: speed and race pace. Speed ​​is important for short distances. Tempo is important for long distances. Some horses start strong and gradually weaken. While there are those who do not start immediately and try their best at the end. Knowing these characteristics is especially important for fans of live betting.

It would be a good idea to clarify the results of horse races in previous competitions: you will understand at what distance and on what surface you can perform best.

Horse and rider combination

All statistical information can be obtained on several portals of the number of races between people and horses. To evaluate the coordination most accurately.


Horse racing betting is not difficult. If you decide to bet on this horse racing betting sport. You will have to spend 1-2 months to thoroughly study every nuance, review current tournaments and analyze thoroughly. If you ignore the preparation stage, you can lose a large amount of money in a short time.

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